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Bybee Pottery & Pricelist
- Tableware, plates
- Serving Ware
- Bakeware
- Canisters
- Accessories
- Vases & Flower Pots

Other Gift Items
- Bees Wax Candles
- Food Specialty Items
- Metal Accessories
- Wooden Gifts


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Kentucky Pottery

Little Bit of Bybee Pottery
11617 Main Street
Middletown, KY 40243
Email: Bybee11617@aol.com
Phone 502-245-0557

We offer our special order customers a hearty thanks for their patience as we fill backorders!

Little Bit of Bybee

Kentucky's most collectible handmade pottery - in Middletown, Kentucky.

Come in and browse our beautiful collection of sturdy, hand-crafted metal items. Perfect for display, utility or serving, these metal pieces will enhance your Little Bit of Bybee!

Hand crafted metal collection.

handthrown pottery

Hand crafted metal plate server.

Hand crafted metal tiered stand.

Hand crafted metal baskets, tables and hooks.



To purchase pottery, please visit our store, or email us. Thanks!